July 1, 2014

We’ll be at Who’s Next – Turkiss Delight in Paris Next Week!

We’ll be exhibiting at Who’s Next – Turkiss Delight next week in Paris! I am so excited especially since I’ve never been to France! The show runs from July 4-7th from 8am-7pm (except Monday which goes until 4pm).

We’ll be in Hall 5 at booth A34, please stop by and say hello!

I’ll be posting about my time traveling around France and Belgium during and after the show!

May 7, 2014

Will You be at the National Stationery Show May 2014?

We’ll definitely be there! Come visit us at booth #1027 inside Gift>It. This will be our first time ever at the National Stationery Show and we are really excited to meet new people and see all the fresh new work. We also have a few surprises in store so if you’ve been waiting for some new products from us then please stop by our booth! The show runs from May 18th-21st, see you there…

Designhype NSS 2014 1000px

November 23, 2013

Design Inspiration: London Stamps

We are constantly looking for really interesting things from our favorite spots around the world, and we stumbled upon these amazing London stamps! Take a look at each detailed stamp and the facts about British history!

Want to see more of what inspires us from London? Check out our London pinterest board and if you’re feeling the British spirit, check our London Metro Cuff!

November 1, 2013

Design Inspiration: The Offices of Pinterest

We love looking at other companies who create a great product or service, and of course, Pinterest is on that list. The San Francisco based company has unique and vintage-esque accents and pieces that make the space pop! Check out the office below:

We’re all for this Pinterest-themed Ryan Gosling meme!

What you create is partially indicative of the environment that it was created in. Pinterest shows a wonderful balance between creative, quirky, and practical elements and decor that really make it one of the more innovative spaces we’ve seen! Want more inspiration? Follow the Designhype Pinterest boards!

All images come from Pinterest’s HQ Board – check it out!

October 30, 2013

Chelsea Market Madness!

We were at the ID Pop-Up Shop in Chelsea Market last week and had a blast talking with everyone, meeting travelers from Australia to South Korea, native New Yorkers and everyone in between! We had such a successful week that we completely sold out of several products, including our Chrysler key charm!


We’re all set up and ready to go!



Two of our coolest customers! They’re in a band called Boss and Swan!





Getting some illustrating in!


Spotted a really great window display from Anthropologie!



Some awesome artwork in Chelsea Market.


Super delicious pasta for dinner from Giovanni Rana in Chelsea Market! Yum!


If you missed us at Chelsea Market, you can pick up any of our products online and just in time for the holidays! We will be there again from November 4th to the 10th, so make sure to stop by and say hi! We’ll have new cuffs in for cities we haven’t launched yet!

October 27, 2013

Design Inspiration: All of the Buildings in New York

I am absolutely loving the beautiful illustrations of James Gulliver Hancock, an illustrator originally from Australia, currently based in Brooklyn. He’s taken up the task of drawing all of the buildings in New York and I’m amazed at what he’s done so far! Super inspiring.

For more of James Gulliver Hancock’s illustrations, check out his website!

October 23, 2013

Design Inspiration: Autumn Itch

Fall is here! I’m so excited to bake delicious cookies (I get obsessive and bake batch after batch) and make every soup imaginable (within reason), stroll through the leaves in Prospect Park on my way to the farmer’s market, and sip hot spiked cider (yummm!!) on the couch with a warm blanket while watching my favorite shows on Netflix. I find that with each season shift there is an abundance of inspiration that follows. Here are a few things that remind me of the wonders of the autumn season.

I’ve created a Pinterest board this year just to mark this season. I’m not sure why I’m anticipating it so. Maybe because this year we’ve actually had weather that feels like the Fall and not a harsh jump from Summer to Winter? Or maybe it’s the awareness of needing to hibernate. I’ve had a very productive year, maybe this is time for reflection and I’m looking forward to it? Do you feel this way too? What do you love about the Fall?

October 13, 2013

The Chateau Marmont – Post 2 – LA to SF in 10 days

Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont

It’s been a bit of time since I went on my trip but I haven’t forgotten by any means. Actually writing about it makes me really excited, I’m reliving the trip through the posts!

I want to begin in the beginning this time. If you haven’t read Post 1 now is a good time. The evening flight from JFK to LAX was okay, not great. I’m not a good flyer. Actually I’m pretty horrible. I PANIC. A friend of mine a few years ago told me about “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” and how on the back of the book it says “Don’t Panic”. The mantra has stayed with me. Breathe, repeat…don’t panic…breathe, repeat…don’t panic…you get the point.

Okay so NYC to LA, Friday night flight. I land, rent a Jeep (perfect for the Pacific Coast Highway) and drive to my hotel…the Chateau Marmont. I heard about the hotel from a friend who saw the Sofia Coppola film “Somewhere,” which was shot on location there.

I arrive at about 2:30am. The hotel staff gives me a brief tour and I end up in the garden with Kristen Powers. You know, the woman who produced “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. Yes, THAT Kristen Powers. She’s like perfectly sweet and I hang out with her for a little while. In my brain it’s 6am so everything is kind of a blur. But I’m in LA so who cares? She recommends that I eat at Ago in West Hollywood before I leave LA.

Tiffany at Ago in LA

Me at Ago in LA

Ago is a super lovely Italian restaurant co-owned by Robert De Niro. Maybe I’m just not used to sitting outside on a tile patio surrounded by tropical plants and palm trees but the place was close to what I imagine an oasis to be. Being that it was a Saturday night, everyone was showing up in their most fancy car and carrying their most coveted clutch (the people watching was like icing on the most incredibly decadent chocolate cake). Literally, the valet was moving BMW’s from the lot to accommodate the Bentley’s and Aston Martin’s. It’s that kind of place. But it doesn’t feel like it. The waiter was a delight, he treated me like his most honored guest (and I let him). Dinner was insanely good. I ordered the Risotto Ai Funghi  for my main (so yummy) and Chocolate Souffle for dessert. It’s vacation (sort of) so I kind of went all out and loved every minute of it. Especially because I felt the need to get in shape before this trip, for Venice Beach of course, which is a whole other discussion, but needless to say I wasn’t eating chocolate cake and pasta for at least a month prior.

Ago in LA

Ago has some super yummy Olive Oil

Back to the Chateau Marmont. Room 16, the space I occupied for those three amazing days in LA, is gorgeous. It’s large, music is playing and a candle is lit when I enter. What’s most interesting is that when I open my windows I can see into the pool and bungalow area. By area I mean the luscious tropical paradise outside my incredibly large window…that actually opens.  This room is so comfy I decide that maybe I should stay in LA for the entire 10 days…or forever. But it’s not just comfy, it’s casually glam in a way that is nearly impossible to describe.

Dark wood grows up from the floors and devours all the furniture in my room. There is an eclectic mix of texture in the periphery; the worn vintage-style Turkish rug that hugs the end of the bed, the cloudy brownish-orange walls with ornate paintings along the top, the tiled bathroom floor, Orchid lingering on the windowsill. Being so close to the lounge and garden I started to feel like I always knew when something interesting was happening. I found out about all of the room parties, garden parties and pool parties; all of which were being held by hotel guests. You feel like you can do whatever your heart desires, within reason, so I kept thinking to myself “what has this room seen” and “by whom”?

Chateatu Marmont walls

Walls inside my room

Chateatu Marmont window details

Details, details

Chateatu Marmont windows

This is paradise

Modeled after the French Chateau d’Amboise in Loire Valley the Chateau Marmont does not skimp on the details. Every piece that makes up this place is taken into account. From the elegantly branded slippers, robes, cocktail stirrers, shampoo and stationary to the Marvis toothpaste to the hospitable staff, you’re not left wanting…unless it’s to stay longer.

Chateau Marmont slippers

Chateau Marmont slippers

Chateau Marmont Shampoo and Conditioner

I love the way they branded these toiletries

Chateau Marmont cocktail stirrer

Chateau Marmont cocktail stirrer

The hotel, as famous as it is, is very secluded and fascinatingly mysterious. Paparazzi linger out front but are never allowed to step foot inside, no one is allowed to take photographs of others and tweet about and/or blog about them, etc. So in this way I always felt like everyone respected each others privacy. I felt it even more so when at the pool. This is a totally low key place, in the middle of Hollywood. You feel like you are in a tropical paradise, away from the hustle and bustle of Sunset Boulevard, even though you are on it. With gigantic lemons dangling above my head the pool was a divine getaway inside of my getaway. It was where I went everyday to relax from my vacation. I’m not even joking.

Chateau Marmont pool area

View from the pool

Chateau Marmont_me

Lounging at the pool

Chateau Marmont pool at night

Hanging poolside at night was by far my favorite thing to do here.

Chateau Marmont pool area_2

Tropical oasis at the pool

Of course while the Chateau Marmont felt super casual there were plenty of people showing up in insanely expensive cars, wearing haute couture labels and spending large sums of money at this hotel. Every night when I came back to the hotel from exploring LA I would have my picture taken by paparazzi. They take everyone’s photographs, you know, just in case you’re famous…or soon to be.

Chateau Marmont lounge

Chateau Marmont lounge

Chateau Marmont Lounge_3

Chateau Marmont lounge

Chateau Marmont Lounge_2

Chateau Marmont lounge

A few days before I had arrived a writer from Defamer showed up and decided that he was going to live blog from the garden. He received an incredible letter from the concierge telling him that he’d be asked to leave if he went through with his plans. I found this out one morning while drinking a coffee outside near the valet. Twitter searching “Chateau Marmont” gave me lots of fun things to read that morning.

Coffee at Chateau Marmont

My morning coffee :)

I’ll definitely stay there again. I’m only just beginning my posts about this trip so please keep on the lookout!

October 3, 2013

Design Inspiration: New Banksy Work Appears in New York!

In the past few days, new street art from the well-known and highly sought after Banksy has appeared across New York City, from Chinatown to Midtown. Described as “an artist’s residency on the streets of New York”, these recent Banksy pieces are apart of his “Better Out Than In” series.


The hype around the city is building again considering this is the newest work we’ve seen in awhile from the artist, and especially so close to home.



The first piece was unfortunately tagged over by a more amateur artist, though we’re sure that mistake won’t happen again. Banksy has recently joined the ranks of Instagram street artists so follow his general account as well as his NYC specific account. Can’t get enough? You’re in luck – he’s going to be doing works for the entire month of October in the city. with Try to go out and locate these works of art while you still can!

October 2, 2013

Introducing Designhype Intern: Morgen Bromell

Hey there! My name is Morgen, I’m a student at Pratt Institute, majoring in Critical and Visual Studies and I’m the new writing and social media intern! I have a passion for writing, social media, well curated content, and helping create amazing products, which brought me to Designhype. I’ve only been here for a few days, but I’m positive that my time here will allow me to reach new levels skill-wise.

me 400

I enjoy having learning experiences outside of the classroom and I truly do believe that internships like this push the concepts of any field more effectively than any classroom or book can convey. What a better backdrop to this alternative learning experience than the wide span of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where natural light graces my computer screen as I log into Gmail for the morning!

I am excited to be working with Tiffany and Jenny and absorbing as much information as possible, from product manufacturing and samples to customer support and care. I’m looking forward to writing more for the blog and social media profiles – so be on the lookout for that as well. I have been interested in entrepreneurs  who are able to create unique products that have an appealing aesthetic, and I can’t wait for what this semester has in store!

If you want to know more about me, check out my personal blog, WhoIsMorgen.com and my dazzling, magazine worthy Instagram. Just kidding. Not really. Keep following the Designhype blog for more updates and check out our Facebook and Twitter!


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